1-3mm recarburizer

Pubdate: 06-21 2021

Recently, 1-3mm recarburizer supplier successfully held the launch ceremony of 1-3mm recarburizer supplier and the maiden voyage of 4 domestic and foreign container routes.

1-3mm recarburizer supplier is the first port 1-3mm recarburizer supplier established by the aluminum industry, serving the aluminum industry’s international and domestic 1-3mm recarburizer distribution business, and it is expected to bring more than 200,000 tons of 1-3mm recarburizer increments each year , Increase operating income by 6 million yuan. The launch of this supplier can drive upstream and downstream companies in the industry to gather, enrich the port’s customer system, and at the same time will greatly increase the visibility in the 1-3mm recarburizer country, domestic and foreign fields.

At the same time, 4 domestic and foreign trade container routes were opened in Japan, and the number of container routes increased to 11, further improving the route layout of the base point, connecting and the main ports of the Yellow Sea, forming a north-radiating economic circle, and south-connecting the southeast coast. And the development trend of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Circle will accelerate the pace of entering the ranks of major coastal ports across the country, enhance the radiation capacity in Northeast Asia, and promote regional economic growth and expand foreign trade.

In the next step, 1-3mm recarburizer supplier will continue to take advantage of the integrated reform and development of the port, closely follow the efficient development of the main port business, accelerate the upgrading of the traditional industry scale, and make use of the business advantages of various port companies while expanding and strengthening the terminal handling business. , To speed up joint ventures and cooperation, and open up new economic growth points.

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