16.5Mva uses closed paste submerged arc furnace oven process

Pubdate: 12-08 2021


The main purpose of wood baking is to dry the moisture in the furnace and to initially bake the electrodes. Compared with coke and electric baking, wood baking has a larger baking area but a lower temperature, so the time is longer, generally lasting three to five days. Before the firewood is baked, the electrode paste is cushioned with refractory bricks to prevent adhesion. In the early stage of wood baking, the flame height does not exceed the furnace mouth. In the later stage, the electrode is baked with a high fire to make the wood burn evenly and violently.


Before the coke is baked, a circle of flower wall with clay bricks is used to hold the coke around the electrode, and the height is lower than that of the furnace mouth. A layer of 100mm thick coke powder is placed on the bottom of the furnace to prevent oxidation at the bottom of the furnace. During the coking process, always observe the melting of the electrode paste, the height of the electrode paste, the change in the shape of the electrode shell, and the overflow of volatiles. During the baking process, the height of the electrode paste should always be kept consistent, and the amount of cooling water should be adjusted to prevent incomplete melting of the electrode paste. The coking time is about 30 hours.

Electric bake

Check various equipment before electric baking, and quickly clean the burnt ashes and clay bricks. Lift the electrode and spread 200mm thick coke on the bottom of the furnace, and lower the electrode to start the arc. During electric baking, the current should be gradually increased to 50%-60% of the smelting current being produced. There will be a power outage every two hours for 10-15 minutes in the early stage, and a power outage for 10-15 minutes every 3-4 hours in the later stage. After each power outage, the operation of the waterway and equipment should be carefully checked. After the end, the coke of the oven is quickly cleaned, and a small amount of coke remains around the electrode, then the electrode is put down, and some new coke is added to start the arc, and the material is fed after the arc is stabilized.

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