250 graphite electrode

Pubdate: 06-21 2021

250 graphite electrode

The graphite electrode manufacturer teaches you to choose 250 graphite electrode

Although, 250 graphite electrode has been widely used in the market by virtue of its own strength, and has gradually occupied the dominant position in the market. The performance of graphite electrode is undeniable, but the quality of graphite electrode must be qualified. However, the types, brands and prices of graphite electrodes on the market are different. Therefore, special attention should be paid to avoid purchasing unqualified graphite electrodes.

Graphite electrode materials can be divided into different grades according to their particle size. Of course, for users, the choice of graphite electrode material is very critical, because it directly affects the speed of electrical machining. Therefore, it is necessary to select good graphite electrode materials according to different process conditions. The graphite electrode has a high melting point. Due to its high heat resistance, it can increase the current value, reduce electrode loss, and further improve production efficiency; when the current value is very small, electrode loss will increase. When the area and pulse width remain unchanged, the peak current will reach a certain value and continue to increase, resulting in unstable processing. The electrode and the machining process will produce arc burns, which will greatly reduce the production efficiency.

Graphite electrode The larger the current, the larger the pits. Therefore, as the peak current increases, the surface becomes rougher and rougher. At the beginning, the chip electrode is almost in point contact with the workpiece, and the small electrode cannot withstand too much current and is easily damaged. Therefore, at the beginning, the current should be lowered, and then slowly increase the peak current until the discharge is stable and the processing speed is fast. This article chooses: graphite electrode .

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