450mm graphite electrodes with nipples

Pubdate: 06-21 2021

450mm graphite electrodes with nipples

The development trend of graphite electrode

Development trend: The increase of electric arc furnace power drives the graphite electrode to develop in the direction of ultra-high power.

The production capacity of the electric furnace is determined by the furnace capacity and the unit input power. When the unit power level is the same, the production capacity increases with the increase in capacity.

At present, electric furnaces with a capacity of less than 30 tons have been listed as backward production capacity to be eliminated, electric furnaces with a capacity of 30-100 tons are listed as restricted construction projects, and 100-150 tons of high-power and ultra-high-power electric furnaces will be the future development of electric arc furnaces in China direction.

The graphite electrodes used in electric arc furnaces of more than 100 tons have diameters above, so the production and use of ultra-high power graphite electrodes with diameters above will dominate in the future.

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