600mm graphite electrodes uhp

Pubdate: 06-21 2021

600mm graphite electrodes uhp

What is the production process of 600mm graphite electrode? What is the production process of 600mm graphite electrode?

600mm graphite electrode

The main production process of 600mm graphite electrode is as follows:

Calcining. Both petroleum coke and pitch coke need to be calcined, and the calcining temperature should be reached to fully remove the volatiles contained in the carbonaceous raw materials and improve the true density, mechanical strength and conductivity of the coke.

Crushing, screening and ingredients. The roasted carbonaceous raw materials are crushed and sieved into aggregate particles of the specified size, and part of the coke is ground into fine powder, which is weighed according to the formula and aggregated to form a dry mixture of various particles.

Kneading. Under the heating state, the quantitative dry mixture of various particles and the quantitative binder are stirred and mixed, and kneaded into a plastic paste.

600 graphite electrode

Forming. Under external pressure (extrusion molding) or high-frequency vibration (vibration molding), the paste is pressed into a green electrode (green body) with a certain shape and higher density.

Roasting. The green electrode is placed in a special baking furnace, the green electrode is filled and covered with metallurgical coke powder, and the bonding agent is carbonized at a high temperature of about 1250°C to form a coking coke, thereby preparing a calcined carbon electrode.

Impregnation. In order to improve the density and mechanical strength of the electrode product, the roasted electrode is installed in the high-voltage equipment, the liquid impregnant pitch is pressed into the pores of the electrode, and the second roasting should be carried out after the impregnation. According to the product performance requirements, sometimes the impregnation and the second roasting It needs to be repeated 2 to 3 times.

Graphitization. The roasted carbon electrode is placed in a graphitization furnace, covered with insulating material, and heated by direct energization to generate high temperature. The carbon electrode is converted into a 600mm graphite electrode with a graphite crystalline structure at a high temperature of 2200~3000℃.

Mechanical processing. According to the application requirements, the 600mm graphite electrode blank is subjected to surface turning, flat end faces and screw holes for connection, and the joints for connection are processed.

The 600mm graphite electrode is properly packaged after passing the inspection and sent to the user.

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