a reversible graphite electrode

Pubdate: 06-17 2021

The relationship between the mechanical strength of graphite electrode and temperature The relationship between mechanical strength and temperature of graphite electrode ranges from normal temperature to 2500℃. The mechanical strength of graphite electrode increases with the increase of temperature. At 2500℃, the mechanical strength is about 1-2 times that of normal temperature. 3-1 represents the curve of mechanical strength of graphite electrode using petroleum coke as the raw material with increasing temperature (0-1500°C).

The reason why the mechanical strength of graphite products increases with increasing temperature can be explained as follows:
1. Graphite products will not produce local plastic deformation at low temperatures, so even if a relatively low load is given, it will cause cracks due to the very concentrated stress. However, when the temperature rises to a certain level, due to the appearance of plasticity, local deformation occurs near the stress concentration point, and the stress is dispersed. Even if a relatively large load is applied, it will not cause cracking.
2. Because the linear expansion coefficient of graphite crystal has a large anisotropy, after being cooled from a high temperature, a large stress will be generated inside the crystal grain. Due to the large value of the external force superimposed on the internal stress, the strength of graphite is relatively high at low temperature. Low, but when heated to a certain temperature, the internal stress gradually decreases, so the mechanical strength increases as the temperature rises.

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