Application of anthracite carburizing agent

Pubdate: 08-31 2022

In short, coal carburizing agent is an additive used for reducing and carburizing in the process of steel smelting, and is often used in the process of steel casting. In the face of different smelting processes, the ways of adding coal carburizing agent are also different.

Can be added to the middle and lower part of the electric furnace according to the proportion or carbon equivalent requirements, and the recovery rate can reach more than 95%. If the carbon content is insufficient to adjust the carbon content, the slag in the furnace shall be cleaned first, and then the carburizing agent shall be added; If low temperature is used

Graphite powder is used as carburizing agent. Nitrogen is generally used as the carrier for carbon addition of jet graphite powder, but it is more convenient to use compressed air under industrial production conditions. The chemical reaction heat of the carbon oxide produced by the combustion of oxygen in compressed air can compensate for part of the temperature drop, and the reduction atmosphere of the carbon oxide is also conducive to increasing the carbon enhancement effect.

The carburizing agent can reduce the consumption of pig iron, improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost of the enterprise in the process of casting steel, but it can play its full role only if it is added in the right way.

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