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Pubdate: 07-06 2021

Classification of carbon graphite products

carbon graphite products include:

(1) Ordinary power carbon graphite products allow the use of graphite products with a current density of less than 17A/cm2, which are mainly used for ordinary power electric furnaces for steelmaking, silicon making, and yellow phosphorus making.

(2) Anti-oxidation coating carbon graphite carbon graphite products coated with an anti-oxidation protective layer (carbon graphite products antioxidant). The formation of a protective layer that is both conductive and resistant to high temperature oxidation reduces electrode consumption (19%-50%) during steelmaking, prolongs the service life of electrodes (22%-60%), and reduces electrode power consumption.

The promotion and use of this technology can bring about such economic and social effects:

① The unit consumption of carbon graphite product is less, and the production cost is reduced to a certain extent. For example, in a steelmaking plant, based on the annual consumption of about 35 carbon graphite products per week for LF refining furnaces such as Class A, and the consumption of 165 furnaces for refining treatment, the use of carbon graphite products anti-oxidation technology can save 373 carbon graphite products per year ( 153 tons) electrode.

② Carbon graphite products consume less electricity, save electricity consumption per unit of steelmaking, save production costs, and save energy!

③ As carbon graphite products are replaced less frequently, the labor and risk factors of the operators are reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.

④ Carbon graphite products are low-consumption and low-polluting products, which have very important social significance today when energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection are promoted. This technology is still in the research and development stage in China, and some domestic manufacturers have also begun to produce it. It is widely used in developed countries such as Japan. At present, companies specializing in importing this anti-oxidation protective coating have also appeared in China.

(3) High-power carbon graphite products. It is allowed to use carbon graphite products with a current density of 18-25A/cm2, which are mainly used for high-power electric arc furnaces for steelmaking. 4) Ultra-high power carbon graphite products. It is allowed to use carbon graphite products with a current density greater than 25A/cm 2. Mainly used for ultra-high power steelmaking electric arc furnace.

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