carbon paste electrode fischer

Pubdate: 06-17 2021

carbon paste electrode fischer

High-standard sealed electrode paste used in the production of ferronickel

1. Classification of electrode paste The quality of electrode paste is divided into standard paste and airtight paste due to different uses. The former is mostly used in semi-closed submerged arc furnaces; the latter is often used in closed electric furnaces and large-capacity semi-closed electric furnaces due to its low roasting temperature and easy sintering. The aggregate of the standard paste is mostly anthracite and metallurgical coke, while the aggregate of the closed paste is mixed with a large amount of graphite crushed and petroleum coke. The binder in the standard paste is mostly medium temperature pitch, and the binder in the closed paste uses a lot of tar while also using more graphite chips. The high-standard sealed electrode paste, which is favored by submerged arc furnace smelting ferronickel production enterprises, has significantly increased the amount of tar and graphite scraps. Due to the high prices of graphite chips and tar, this is an important reason for the high price of airtight pastes, especially high-standard airtight pastes.

2. The selection and use of high-standard sealed electrode paste on ferroalloy electric furnaces At present, when domestic submerged arc furnaces are used to produce ferrosilicon, manganese and chromium-based ferroalloys, standard electrode pastes are usually used. With the widespread use of large-capacity submerged arc furnaces and enclosed electric furnaces, the number of large-scale electric furnaces has continued to increase, and the output of ferroalloys has increased significantly. Many manganese-silicon alloy submerged arc furnaces are gradually switching to closed electrode pastes to ensure self-baking electrodes The sintering can be completed earlier. Some manganese-silicon alloy manufacturers, especially electric furnace nickel-iron manufacturers, usually prefer high-standard sealed electrode pastes that are more suitable for them according to the needs of the factory’s production. Among them, the main reason is that the high-standard sealed electrode paste is easy to bake, and its performance and quality are very stable. It can ensure the baking quality of the electrode to prevent the occurrence of accidents such as soft and hard breakage of the electrode.

3. The performance of high-standard sealed electrode paste The high-standard sealed electrode paste supplied by a company in Zhengzhou has low ash content and volatile content, low softening temperature and specific resistance, and high compressive strength and true specific gravity. It is positioned as a series of closed paste products. The electrode paste has the characteristics of low softening temperature, easy roasting and high strength, and is very suitable for quickly completing the roasting task under the working conditions of the nickel-iron submerged arc furnace and the harsh environment. The high-standard sealed electrode paste produced by our company has a good realization and superior performance in the production of ferronickel, and its unit consumption is 17% less than that of its counterparts. It will help the production of ferronickel enterprises to increase and create new glories!

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