china graphite electrode properties

Pubdate: 07-01 2021

china graphite electrode properties

The merchants of china graphite electrode properties cried miserably, and the china graphite electrode properties fell again!

Recently, many manufacturers of china graphite electrode properties complained, because the price of products has been declining continuously this year, resulting in a loss of 3000 yuan/ton for some recent specifications of china graphite electrode properties selling one ton. This level of loss makes this year not optimistic. The market is even worse.

As we all know, the production cycle of china graphite electrode properties is relatively long, generally taking about 2 months, especially for ultra-high china graphite electrode properties, the required cycle is generally about 3-4 months. The products currently on the market will be rolled off the assembly line at least around February and March. At this time, the price of needle coke raw materials is 7000-8000 yuan/ton, and the price of calcined coke is about 3000 yuan/ton. The initial budget for the production cost of china graphite electrode properties should be RMB/ton, which does not include labor, electricity, equipment depreciation, etc., and according to manufacturers’ current market price of needle coke at 30%, the price is as low as RMB/ton. In terms of tons, there is indeed a loss of nearly 3,000 yuan/ton.

The price cut of china graphite electrode properties this time is mainly due to the backlog of electrode inventories under the influence of the economy in the beginning of the year. Now that the market of china graphite electrode properties is falling, there is another most important reason-export restrictions. Now due to the epidemic situation abroad, production in many countries has almost stagnated. In March 2020, my country’s export volume of China graphite electrode properties was 38,000 tons, an increase of 111.2% month-on-month and an increase of 31.63% year-on-year. From January to March 2020, my country’s total export volume of China’s graphite electrode properties was 87,700 tons, an increase of 15.18% year-on-year, 2020 my country’s main exporting countries of China graphite electrode properties were: Malaysia, Russia and Italy in March. However, after entering the second quarter, foreign orders for electrodes were almost “halved.”

Many professional businesses are not easy to do this year. As far as electrode sellers are concerned, they have to tighten their belts this year. China graphite electrode properties has always been an indispensable material for steelmaking. For many steel companies, perhaps this is a good time to purchase china graphite electrode properties. But the national economy is a whole, and when an occupation is hit, its associated industries will also be affected.

After my country’s china graphite electrode properties market experienced the prosperity and prosperity in 2017, it has gradually entered a downward trajectory from the beginning of 2018. The price war began to appear in the beginning of 2019. After October 2019, the demand in the Middle East has weakened, and the supply of goods has been inflowed and super high. The price dropped quickly. Affected by the epidemic in 2020, domestic demand has dropped sharply, foreign orders have been delayed, and many sources of goods have impacted the domestic market. The price increase after the Spring Festival is only a short-lived, and then the gunpowder is everywhere, and the price war has intensified again.

However, with the recovery of domestic and foreign markets, it is difficult for china graphite electrode properties to continue to decline, and it is difficult for a simple price war to continue. Only by maintaining a normal price order can a profession complete an orderly and outstanding development.

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