china minimum consumption of graphite electrode

Pubdate: 07-06 2021

china minimum consumption of graphite electrode raw material-the function of the binder

china minimum consumption of graphite electrode raw materials & function of binder The function of binder has two aspects:

1. When it is in a liquid state, the carbonaceous aggregate and powder can be wetted, bonded and kneaded into a plastic paste. After the paste is press-formed and cooled, the binder hardens, and the aggregate and powder are consolidated into a green body. .

2. The green body is fired at a high temperature. At this time, the binder participates in the carbonization reaction and forms a good solid state bond, so that the product obtains a fixed geometric shape. The binder is a flowable liquid in a proper temperature range, which can be adsorbed by carbonaceous aggregates and powders and can penetrate into the gaps between the aggregates and powders, and knead to form a plastic paste within a certain temperature range. This paste has good viscoelasticity and lubricity. Viscoelasticity means that the material flows viscously at a certain temperature or under long-term load, while it has elasticity under low-temperature or short-time load. Viscoelasticity has a certain influence on the molding effect (compression effect). Lubricity refers to the ability to easily move the mutual positions of the aggregate particles during molding, and to form a stable arrangement after filling each other, and try to prevent the aggregate particles from being crushed. In the molding process, the paste should have good plastic deformation ability. After molding, the green body is cooled and becomes a hardened state. During this change, the green body should not show some sharp changes (such as expansion, shrinkage, etc.).

When the green body is roasted, the binder is heated to a certain temperature and turned into liquid again. After a long period of pyrolysis and polycondensation, it is finally carbonized into pitch coke. At the same time, the aggregate and powder are firmly combined. The coke left in the process should be as much as possible (that is, the coking value is high), and the green body should not produce large volume shrinkage and inflation during roasting (excessive shrinkage and inflation will cause cracking of the roasted product).

For the production of china minimum consumption of graphite electrode, it is hoped that the coke after carbonization of the adhesive is easy to graphitize and has a linear expansion coefficient similar to that of carbonaceous aggregate at high graphitization temperature.

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