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Pubdate: 07-06 2021

Preliminary discussion on the mechanical strength of china recarburizer

China recarburizer is the conductive electrode of various submerged electric furnaces, and it is an indispensable product in industrial production. We CGM Carbon have read many domestic and foreign materials, but did not find any materials specifically discussing the mechanical strength of China recarburizer. In order to promote the improvement of the quality of China Recarburizer, and to control the performance of China Recarburizer for the manufacturers of China Recarburizer, our CGM Carbon will use China Recarburizer’s performance. Special discussion on mechanical strength.

In the national standard of china recarburizer, there is no mechanical strength quality index of china recarburizer, only the quality index of compressive strength of china recarburizer. Mechanical strength itself includes compressive strength, and has certain relevance. As a national standard, it may not be able to All things are put into quality standards, but the national standard is the standard more than ten years ago. The china recarburizer industry has developed rapidly over the past ten years. When we Fuzhen Carbon specifically discussed the strength of the china recarburizer, we had to make a comparison. Discussion.

The mechanical strength of china recarburizer includes compressive strength, flexural strength and tensile strength. The mechanical strength of carbon products is anisotropic, that is, the composition of the raw material particles of carbon products is different in the horizontal and vertical directions. Due to the production method of the china recarburizer, we will not discuss the anisotropy of the mechanical strength of the china recarburizer here. To

The raw material composition of china recarburizer, that is, different raw materials, the particle size and ratio of raw materials, the thickness and ratio of powder, and the content of coal pitch all affect the mechanical strength of china recarburizer. We will discuss it separately. . Our CGM carbon here only discusses the effect of the temperature change of the china recarburizer on the mechanical strength during the sintering process. To

During the sintering process, the mechanical strength of china recarburizer increases as the temperature rises [0–2200 degrees in a certain temperature range]. When the sintering temperature of the china recarburizer is below 300 degrees, the china recarburizer is in a plastic state and has mechanical strength*. According to the test and calculation by CGM carbon technicians, the compressive strength at this time is only 3-10 MPa, and there is almost no tensile strength. China recarburizer soft-breaking accidents of submerged electric furnaces often occur in this interval. When the sintering temperature of china recarburizer is 300-800 degrees, the volatile matter of coal pitch has been discharged, and the remaining coal pitch has been carbonized to form a network, which is fused with various china recarburizer raw materials, and the mechanical strength reaches the standard value. Our Fuzhen Carbon technicians have calculated that the compressive strength of the china recarburizer at this time is 17-33 MPa, the flexural strength is 7–17 MPa, and the tensile strength is 4–8 MPa.

After the electrode below the copper tile of the submerged electric furnace enters the smelting process, the temperature of the electrode will rise further due to the further increase in the temperature of the raw material, and the mechanical strength will increase with the rise in temperature. The temperature of other materials rises to 1500 degrees. When the mechanical strength drops sharply, such as heat-resistant alloys, the mechanical strength of carbon materials is increasing at 1500 degrees. Only when the mechanical strength of carbon materials is measured at 2200 degrees, the mechanical strength begins to gradually decrease. Therefore, carbon materials have unique advantages as high temperature resistant materials. The sintering of china recarburizer is a very complicated process. There are always things that CGM Carbon does not recognize. We welcome colleagues and colleagues to correct and discuss.

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