Cold Ramming Paste

Pubdate: 06-11 2021


Cold ramming paste(carbon cathode paste) refers to a cathode paste that can be laid at room temperature. It is a carbon-filled raw material for masonry.

It is widely used in industrial furnaces such as aluminum reduction cells, iron-making blast furnaces, smelting furnaces, and calcium carbide furnaces.

The aggregate of this cathode paste is the same as that of ordinary cathode paste (also called hot stamping paste), such as ordinary calcined anthracite or electric calcined anthracite, metallurgical coke, graphite scrap, etc. The low softening point of the adhesive is 20℃±5℃.

Cold Ramming Paste

cold ramming paste Cold ramming paste is a carbon material used for masonry, widely used in aluminum reduction cell, blast furnace, smelting furnace, calcium carbide furnace and other industrial furnaces, filling the gap between charcoal and cooling equipment, charcoal and charcoal, charcoal and firebrick.

Cold ramming paste is made from high temperature electrical calcite anthracite coal, artificial graphite, and natural graphite. Coal tar pitch, coal tar, and anthracite oil mixed oil additives as binder, through the broken, ingredients, stirring and kneading for construction at ambient temperature.

Carbon Cathode Paste Technical Support

Through a global team of specialists, we offer technical support to our customers: Rongxing Group assists with electrode audits and training seminars for in-depth understanding of your electrode processes.

  • Facilitate efficient electrode performance
  • Training and optimization of electrode management
  • Cold ramming Paste and electrode paste handling and charging
  • Casing/welding recommendations
  • Problem solving
  • Ensuring performance of cold ramming paste and electrode paste

Our cold ramming paste is formed once after high temperature baking, with good thermal insulation, high strength, scouring resistance, seamless gap, low furnace construction cost and extended service life, which can ensure high production of the furnace and long-term use. Our cold ramming paste has low softening point and high volatile content.

Cold Ramming Paste Specification

Items Data
Ash Content 8—12%
V.M 11-15%
Compressive Strength 15-30
Bulk Density 1.38-1.48 g/cm3
True Specific Gravity 1.87-1.93 (g/cm3)
Resistivity 70-85 Ω
Compressive Strength ≥12MPa
Porosit 25-35%

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