Cracking of electrode paste in submerged arc furnace during sintering

Pubdate: 12-17 2021

The performance of the electrode paste during the sintering process can best explain the quality of the electrode paste. If the sintered electrode has transverse cracks, the next problem is most likely to be hard fracture, which is a very serious accident.

The reason is that if the factors of worker operation are excluded, the greatest possibility of hard breakage is the quality of the electrode paste. We once saw an electric forged coal block as big as a fist at a hard-breaking site in a factory in Henan. After testing, the resistance of that batch of electrode paste is above 80. The occurrence of a hard-breaking accident is completely a problem of the quality of the electrode paste.

The manufacture of electrode paste is a production activity with simple technology and complex process. Different furnace types have different requirements for the process raw material ratio of electrode paste. As an alloy factory, if the sintered electrode is overheated or Guoruan is found, it should be reported to the electrode paste manufacturer as soon as possible to let the manufacturer adjust the formula;

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