Electrode paste and self-baking anode

Pubdate: 01-09 2022

In view of the need for continuous high-temperature production, submerged arc furnaces usually operate uninterruptedly for several years. For this reason, the self-baking electrodes of electric furnaces are required to be able to continuously transmit electricity. The quality, performance, firing technology and conditions of the electrode paste should meet the requirements of the production technology.

The self-baking electrode is made of anthracite, coke, pitch and coke as raw materials, matched and mixed in a certain proportion of particle size, stirred and kneaded at an appropriate temperature, then pressed into shape, and cooled to make a paste. When in use, the small pieces of electrode paste are loaded into the electrode shell of the submerged arc furnace, and during the production process, it relies on the Joule heat generated when the current passes through and the conduction heat in the furnace to self-sinter and coke. The electrode can be used in continuous forming and used while being connected and sintered, and different diameters can be configured according to the capacity of the electric furnace. Self-baking electrodes are widely used in ferroalloy production due to their simple process and low cost.

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