graphite electrode for steel making plant

Pubdate: 07-12 2021

Graphite electrode materials are classified by function and use

graphite electrode for steel making plant

① Graphite electrode materials and graphite products for electrothermal chemistry and metallurgy. Due to the high melting point, good high-temperature strength, and excellent thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of the graphite electrode material, it has been widely used in the metallurgical industry, such as electrodes for electric furnace steelmaking and other non-steel-making submerged arc furnaces (ferroalloy furnaces, Electrodes for calcium carbide furnace, yellow phosphorus furnace), carbon blocks for blast furnaces and other submerged arc furnaces, prebaked anodes and cathodes for electrolytic aluminum and magnesium, graphite crucibles, dishes, boats, clay graphite crucibles, continuous casting graphite, furnace lining, Casting molds, guide grooves, plugs, rolls, steelmaking recarburizers and deoxidizers, etc.

graphite electrode for steel making plant

②Graphite electrode materials and graphite products for electrical engineering and machinery. Mainly use the conductivity, self-lubricity, and wear resistance of the carbon graphite electrode material.

③Graphite electrode materials and graphite products for electrochemistry. There are mainly battery carbon rods and lithium ion battery cathodes, fuel cell graphite bipolar plates, aluminum, magnesium and sodium and rare metal electrolysis electrodes and fluorine electrolysis electrodes, and EDM electrodes.

④Impermeable graphite electrode materials and graphite products for chemical industry. Mainly include heat exchangers, reactor and absorption tower linings and coatings, chemical anode plates, pumps, pipes, valves, filter components and sealing rings, etc., and can also be used as decolorizers and adsorbents.

⑤Graphite electrode materials and graphite products for semiconductors, communications, and electronic devices. Mainly include graphite for silicon smelting furnace and silicon single crystal epitaxial furnace, graphite for electronic components and equipment for manufacturing electronic components, graphite for electronic packaging and welding, graphite for optical fiber, liquid crystal, graphite milk for picture tube, microphone carbon particles, etc.

⑥Graphite electrode materials and graphite products for aerospace military industry. Mainly include rocket engine nozzles, throat linings, space shuttles and missile nose cones, motor brake pads and aerospace structural materials and invisible materials. ⑦Nuclear graphite electrode materials and graphite products.

⑧Graphite electrode materials and graphite products for industrial furnaces. Mainly include high-temperature vacuum furnace heating element and support graphite products, insulation materials, industrial furnace structure graphite, pallets, crucibles, dishes, boats, temperature measuring tubes, protection tubes, etc.

⑨ Carbon materials and graphite products for measurement and measurement. There are mainly biological microelectrodes, graphite electrodes for spectral analysis, carbon rods for radiation analysis, absorption column fillers for gas chromatography and liquid chromatography, crucibles for oxygen and nitrogen analysis, CT scanner brackets, and carbon for transmission electron microscope samples. Films, carbon products for computers, etc. CGM New Material Co., Ltd. is a graphite electrode manufacturer. Its main products include graphite electrode, graphite products, recarburizers, graphite crucibles, etc.!

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