graphite electrode price chart

Pubdate: 07-13 2021

Calendering method of graphite sheet and graphite electrode price chart

The pressed impermeable graphite plate has good physical and mechanical properties, and the chemical stability is the same as that of the impregnated graphite plate, and because it is produced by molding, the plate is regular, the construction is convenient, and the plate selection time is saved. The surface of the equipment is lined with the pressed graphite plate. It is neat and beautiful, and the amount of wrong stitching is also easy to control. Want to know the graphite electrode price chart, follow our website.

graphite electrode price chart

The corrosion resistance of the pressed impermeable graphite sheet mainly depends on the corrosion resistance of the resin. Except for the strong oxidizing medium (such as nitric acid, nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, etc.), the pressed panxine graphite board can withstand the corrosion of most inorganic acids, organic acids, salts, organic compounds, solvents and other media, but it is not resistant to strong alkalis. . and the price of graphite electrode price chart please follow our website.

graphite electrode price chart

(1) Pressed impermeable stone grinding board has the advantages of impregnable graphite board, and has good physical and mechanical properties, chemical stability, and oil resistance.

(2) The strength, abrasion resistance, and impermeability of the compressed impermeable graphite sheet are better than those of the impregnated graphite sheet.

(3) Pressed impermeable graphite sheet has a short production cycle, advanced technology, low cost, uniform structure, using compression molding, regular sheet shape, easy construction, wide application range, and is an ideal anti-corrosion lining worthy of promotion material.

(4) At present, most of the binders used in the production of profiled graphite plates are 2130# Panxing resin, and a small amount of profiled graphite plates with pyran resin as the binder have been produced. It is necessary to continue to study and expand the application under different media conditions. Graphite products, such as water glass graphite products, can be used in 380-420'C high oil and gas phase medium, which can solve the anti-corrosion problem under high oil gas phase conditions; bituminous graphite board has good resistance and can be used in 300' #39;Use under C conditions, etc., and its production process needs to be further studied.

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