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Pubdate: 07-13 2021

Graphite high temperature anti-oxidation coating provides insulation and protection layer for graphite electrode

The graphite electrode is a key power component of the steelmaking electric arc furnace. It is used to conduct electric current to provide energy for the refining of the charge and molten steel.

graphite electrode price todaygraphite electrode price todaygraphite electrode price today

In terms of controlling the total cost of electric furnace steel, the cost of graphite electrode is one of the main factors considered (want to know the graphite electrode price today please follow CGM). The loss of graphite electrode can be divided into two types: continuous loss and discontinuous loss. Continuous loss mainly refers to the loss caused by oxidation, sublimation, corrosion, etc.; and the loss caused by damage, fracture, and thermal shock peeling is discontinuous loss.

Experts proposed that the analysis of graphite electrode loss mechanism shows that oxidation is one of the main causes of graphite electrode loss, accounting for more than half of graphite electrode consumption. Therefore, effective measures are taken to prevent graphite electrode from oxidizing, which can greatly reduce graphite electrode consumption. And steelmaking costs. The oxidation of graphite electrode mainly occurs on its sidewalls. According to the theory of carbon material oxidation, the oxidation reaction of graphite electrode is divided into three different temperature zones.

The second reaction temperature zone is about 500~1000℃, which is called low temperature oxidation zone. The loss of graphite electrode only accounts for less than 2% of the total consumption. Above 1000℃ is the third reaction temperature zone, called high temperature oxidation zone. The loss is 20-50 times the low-temperature oxidation loss.

Therefore, to prevent graphite electrode oxidation loss, the high temperature oxidation area should be mainly studied. about the price of graphite electrode price today, please contact us.

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