graphite electrode rp supplier

Pubdate: 07-14 2021

Why can’t graphite electrode rp supplier produce artificial graphite electrode using natural graphite as raw material?

graphite electrode rp supplier

Graphite electrode rp supplier produces graphite electrode and graphite products and most carbon products generally do not use natural graphite. However, natural graphite can be used to produce natural graphite electrodes, battery carbon bodies, electric brushes, crucibles and other products. Natural graphite has two forms: one is flake graphite, which is dark gray in color, has metallic luster, and has good electrical conductivity and lubricity; the other is earthy graphite, which is darker in color, without metallic luster, and lubricity. The electrical conductivity is slightly worse than that of flake graphite, which is a transitional stage product of amorphous carbon transforming to crystalline carbon.

graphite electrode rp supplier

Natural graphite mined from natural graphite ore generally contains a considerable amount of ash impurities (mainly oxides such as silicon, aluminum, iron, etc.), and sometimes the ash impurity content reaches more than 50%. Therefore, the ash content is very high and has not been refined. The selected natural graphite graphite electrode rp supplier cannot be directly used to produce natural graphite electrode or other carbon products. The ash impurities in natural graphite can be properly removed through ore beneficiation (floatation beneficiation or magnetic beneficiation).

When used as a raw material for a natural graphite electrode, its ash content should be reduced to 20% or below 10%. As for the moisture and volatile matter in natural graphite, it can be removed by drying or calcining. CGM New Material Co., Ltd. is a graphite electrode rp supplier, and its products include graphite electrode (normal power graphite electrode, high power graphite electrode, ultra high power graphite electrode) graphite products, recarburizers, graphite crucibles, graphite plates, etc.!

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