graphite electrode uhp 500

Pubdate: 07-19 2021

Raw material needed to produce graphite electrode uhp 500 and graphite products-anthracite

graphite electrode uhp 500

Anthracite is also the main raw material for the production of various carbon blocks, carbon graphite electrode uhp 500 and various electrode pastes, bottom pastes, coarse seam pastes and other products. Sometimes, low-ash anthracite can be used to replace part of petroleum coke to prepare graphite electrode uhp 500. All kinds of coal are transformed into continuous metamorphism of ancient plants after being subjected to certain temperature and pressure during crustal movement.

The higher the degree of metamorphism, the higher the carbon content of coal, the darker the color, the higher the density, and the stronger the hardness and luster. Anthracite is a kind of coal with a high degree of metamorphism, with carbon content generally above 50% and volatile content below 10%. Anthracite has a relatively dense structure, with a density of about 1.3, high mechanical strength, and good electrical conductivity after proper thermal processing. Anthracite from some origins is also easier to graphitize. Due to the different degree of metamorphism and the different coal-forming conditions, the quality of anthracite produced varies greatly from place to place. Some anthracite coal has a large ash content, and some anthracite coal is mostly lumpy and has a certain strength when it is mined in the mine. However, after being raised to the ground, it is easily weathered and broken into pulverized coal. Such anthracite coal cannot be used as a carbon industry. Raw materials. The anthracite coal required by the carbon industry must be lump anthracite with lower ash content and greater strength.

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