graphite electrode with high flexural strength

Pubdate: 07-20 2021

Graphitized broken physical and chemical properties and uses

graphite electrode with high flexural strength

graphite electrode with high flexural strength

Graphitized shreds are waste products and cutting shreds during processing after graphitization or processing when a variety of graphite products are produced by a carbon product factory. The physical and chemical properties of the graphitized crushed electrode are the same as the finished graphitized electrode, mainly due to low ash content and strong electrical conductivity.

In the carbon product factory, the recovered graphitized broken pieces are added to the ingredients of some products at a ratio of 10%-20%. It can also be used as a recarburizer during steelmaking or as a raw material for the production of graphite plastic pipes. At present, some small carbon product factories use graphitization as the main raw material to produce graphite electrode with high flexural strength. Although the resistivity of this kind of electrode is slightly larger than that of graphitized electrode (about twice as large as that of graphitized electrode), it has a lower ash content, and its use effect is better than that of natural graphite electrode.

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