graphite electrodes electrolysis

Pubdate: 07-26 2021

Break the game to survive! Malicious competition carbon companies are on the verge of bankruptcy!

graphite electrodes electrolysis

The production process of graphite electrodes electrolysis in my country has been developed for more than half a century, but compared with foreign advanced enterprises, there is still a big gap. This has caused on the one hand, due to the oversupply of low-end graphite, the production of graphite electrodes electrolysis has become a hostile competition. As a result, many graphite electrode electrolysis factories are struggling to survive.

On the other hand, more than 80% of large-scale ultra-high power electrodes used in large-scale DC electric arc furnaces in my country have to be imported from abroad. The development of graphite electrodes electrolysis production industry lags far behind the requirements of the electrode industry. Even with ordinary power graphite electrodes electrolysis, there are still many problems in the production process, such as low yield, high production cost, and poor use effect. Especially when the graphite electrodes electrolysis industry is at a low point, it is necessary to explore the problems existing in the production process and improve measures.

This article mainly analyzes and summarizes the problems existing in the production process of some small and medium-sized enterprises

There are problems and gaps

raw material

There is objectively a gap in the raw materials used in the production of ultra-high power graphite electrodes electrolysis in China. Whether it is in Japan or the United States, the raw materials used in the production of graphite electrodes electrolysis have stable sources and reliable quality. Due to the supply of needle coke in China, graphite electrode electrolysis manufacturers have to frequently change suppliers and raw material ratios. Moreover, there is still a certain quality gap between domestic needle coke and imported needle coke.

From a subjective point of view, domestic manufacturers of ultra-high-power graphite electrodes electrolysis, from the perspective of reducing costs, blend the lower-priced Daqing petroleum coke or Fushun petroleum coke, and even other petroleum coke. What’s more, individual manufacturers do not use a single needle coke when producing ultra-high-power electrodes. At best, they increase the number of immersion. Using such electrodes to pretend to be ultra-high-power electrodes will inevitably lead to price confusion in the market and seriously harm many manufacturers. Interests.

The production of ordinary power electrodes also has raw material problems. Especially for the production of graphite electrodes electrolysis with diameters of 500mm and 600mm, when selecting raw materials, Daqing or Fushun petroleum coke, which is easy to graphitize, is usually selected. However, in order to reduce costs, many domestic small and medium-sized enterprises choose Huludao coke or worse petroleum coke as raw materials, and a large amount of waste products will appear in the production process, which will eventually cause problems such as high consumption and lumps when users use it.


Foreign production of graphite electrodes electrolysis uses special electrode pitch. Domestic pitch manufacturers have also produced modified pitches under constant efforts. Many manufacturers have improved the quality of their rear electrodes, but there is still a process for them to promote and promote. Many manufacturers do not pay much attention to the binder, and some manufacturers have knowledge of coal tar pitch and stay at the softening point, and do not check other indicators. In the production process, the adhesive only melts, and there is no standing process, so a lot of waste products will inevitably appear in the molding and roasting process.


1. Due to problems in the selection of vibrating screens or drying screens, the purity of the particles is very low. Many manufacturers have only 50%-60% of the particle purity, so there is a big difference in the particle material between the pan and the pan, and it is difficult to guarantee the paste. stability.

2. Many manufacturers have not yet used electronic scales for ingredients, and there are too many human factors affecting the ingredients, resulting in large differences in the plasticity and particle size composition of the paste between the pots.

3. The amount of ingredients is too large. Many manufacturers simply add more ingredients regardless of the maximum output of the kneading pot because the workers are paid according to the output. During the production, the material on the kneading pot does not move, and the dry material is still mixed when the paste is produced. Of course, the quality of the green body is not guaranteed.

4. The elements are too thin. Many manufacturers still use a molecular purity of 75% or even more than 80%; the powder is not standardized during sieving analysis, and the incoming powder samples are not dried. Some manufacturers even specify glass balls when sieving the powder. No, these will cause the molecules used in production to be too fine. Moreover, it is difficult for domestic kneading pots to mix the fine powder uniformly. The use of fine powder not only has a low yield in the molding process, but also a low yield in roasting and graphitization, and ultimately consumes a lot of money when used by users.

5. Unreasonable use of dust collection powder. First, the dust collection powder is too fine, and the other is the content of impurities. Many large factories use the dust collection powder for other purposes in the production process, especially when it is not used in ultra-high power and high power; even if it is used in ordinary electrodes, it should be added evenly, instead of adding or not adding it. Or directly discharge the dust collection powder into the powder material, the powder material and the dust collection powder are very uneven and mixed together. If the amount of dust collection powder added exceeds 7%, the quality of the green body will be affected.

The rationality of the granularity of the formula. In recent years, domestic professional and technical personnel have done a lot of work on the composition of the formula, and the concept of the powerful formula is highly respected. However, how the formula came from and what furnace type the products produced need to be explored in the industry. Summarize.

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