graphite electrodes for steel making

Pubdate: 07-28 2021

graphite electrodes for steel making

graphite electrodes for steel making

The carbonaceous raw material is heat-treated at a high temperature to remove the volatile content of the contained water, and the production process to improve the performance of the raw material pear blossom is called calcination.

Generally, carbonaceous raw materials are calcined using fuel gas and their own volatile matter as the heat source, and the high temperature is 1250-1350.

(1) Calcination is a profound change in the original structure and physical and chemical properties of carbon, which is mainly reflected in the improvement of the density, mechanical strength and conductivity of the coke, and the improvement of the chemical stability and oxidation resistance of the coke. Base.

(2) The calcination equipment mainly includes tank calciner, rotary kiln and electric calciner. The calcination quality control standard is that the true density of petroleum coke is not less than 2.07g/cm³, the resistivity is not more than 550μΩ.m, and the true density of needle coke is not less than 2.07g/cm³. It is less than 2.12g/cm³, and the resistivity is not more than 550μΩ.m.

graphite electrodes for steel making, the main products are graphite electrodes, graphite crucibles, graphite joints, graphite special-shaped parts, graphite rods, graphite plates, graphite powder and other graphite products.

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