graphite electrodes uses

Pubdate: 07-29 2021

Reasons and solutions for soft spots on the surface after heat treatment

graphite electrodes uses

The graphite electrode has soft spots on the surface after heat treatment, which will affect the wear resistance of the graphite electrode and shorten the service life of the graphite electrode. So what causes the soft spot problem, and how should it be prevented?


1. The graphite electrode has oxide scale, rust spots and local decarburization before heat treatment.

2. After quenching and heating, graphite electrodes uses improper selection of cooling and quenching media, excessive impurities or aging in the quenching media.


1. The graphite electrode should be removed from the oxide scale and rust before heat treatment, and the appearance of the graphite electrode should be properly maintained during quenching and heating. Vacuum electric furnace, salt bath furnace and maintenance atmosphere furnace should be used as far as possible to heat.

2. When the graphite electrode is quenched and heated and then cooled, a suitable cooling medium should be selected, and the cooling medium used for a long time should be filtered frequently or replaced regularly.

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