graphite paste suppliers

Pubdate: 07-29 2021

What is the specific classification of graphite paste?

graphite paste suppliers

Graphite has many high-quality characteristics: heat resistance, melting point of 3800 degrees, melting point of 4000 degrees, good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. It is a relatively stable chemical substance in nature. Therefore, graphite is a high-quality raw material. The products produced and processed by graphite paste suppliers are also very diverse. For example, graphite paste is a graphite product that is often used in experimental scientific research. Next, let’s take a look at the detailed introduction of graphite paste suppliers:

1, the definition of graphite paste

When the graphite paste is white, it is a graphite product made of high-purity graphite powder and suppressed by graphite paste suppliers according to a special processing technology. The graphite texture is soft, gray and black; it has a greasy feeling. The strength is 1~2, and the strength can rise to 3~5 with the increase of the residue along the vertical direction. The ratio is 1.9 to 2.3. Under the CO2 barrier standard, its melting point is above 3000 ℃, and it is one of the high temperature resistant minerals.

graphite paste suppliers

2. Classification of graphite paste:

1. According to the heating method: vertical heating graphite paste, horizontal heating graphite paste

2. According to the characteristics: general graphite paste (non-pyrolysis) is suitable for ultra-low temperature (≤2000℃) atomization elements such as silver, cadmium and lead; thermal pyrolysis graphite paste is suitable for low, medium and high temperature (>2500℃) atomization elements Element; the service platform graphite paste is suitable for medium and ultra-low temperature (≤2400℃) atomization elements.

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