graphite petroleum coke as recarburizer casting product

Pubdate: 07-29 2021

Graphite petroleum coke as recarburizer casting product

graphite petroleum coke as recarburizer casting product

Waste graphite petroleum coke is also called waste graphite petroleum coke, waste electrode, and scrap graphite petroleum coke.

Graphite petroleum coke itself is a non-renewable resource. With the continuous reduction of graphite resources, as well as the national energy conservation, environmental protection and waste recycling policy, many large domestic graphite carbon companies have begun to recycle waste graphite petroleum coke!

So, what should be paid attention to when recycling graphite petroleum coke?

1, the manufacturer of the waste graphite petroleum coke, the quality and damage of the graphite petroleum coke itself!

2, the recycling price of waste graphite petroleum coke! Here is the main point: the waste graphite petroleum coke goods are sometimes made of steel

Dealing directly with manufacturers for bidding and auction; sometimes dealing with trading companies. Waste graphite petroleum coke price

Make a good negotiation, the price will follow the market, and the recycling price is too high is absolutely necessary!

3, you need to pay attention to the recycling of graphite petroleum coke: sometimes graphite petroleum coke is used, sometimes it is brand new, and the price must be quoted separately!

4, the payment method for recycling waste graphite petroleum coke. Cash transactions are the mainstream method, and sometimes transactions are conducted through checks or bank acceptance!

5, due to geographical and geographic environmental issues, freight and travel expenses are very different. It is very important that the accounting department must account for the cost clearly!

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