graphite products for military industry

Pubdate: 07-29 2021

How to choose the right graphite products for military industry

graphite products for military industrygraphite products for military industry

Graphite furnace method requires selecting suitable graphite products according to the elements to be tested and samples. There are generally three types of graphite products for military industry: ordinary graphite products, coated graphite products, and platform graphite products. Ordinary graphite products are suitable for the determination of some elements at the end of the atomization temperature. Coated graphite products are suitable for some elements with high atomization temperature. The platform graphite products are used for some complex samples such as biological samples. In the determination of some elements, it is often necessary to add a layer of film on the outer surface of graphite products to achieve good sensitivity and detection limit, and at the same time extend the service life of graphite products.

Platform graphite products need to have good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, but also need to have less metal impurities, and also have the advantages of good mechanical processing performance in use, etc. In our modern industrial production process, there are many kinds of substances. It can be used as an electrothermal atomizer, but compared with the effect, it should be said that graphite products with electrothermal coating have better effects. Therefore, modern graphite products are widely used in atomic absorption. First of all, we must understand that the furnace must have the following advantages when choosing to use, so that it can be used better. Only in this way can we ensure good sensitivity and usage requirements, which we need to pay attention to.

So it is one of our common stove materials for stoves. Of course, there are certain advantages in the use process. But what we need to pay attention to is that when we use the furnace, we mainly hope that the furnace can have a good life. However, the graphite furnace is still affected by the nature of the sample matrix and the temperature during use. Of course, Graphite furnaces of different brands are also different in use. Therefore, the graphite furnace that we can buy when we buy it should be said that the quality is relatively guaranteed.

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