hp 800 graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-04 2021

Matters needing attention in the use of hp 800 graphite electrode

hp 800 graphite electrode

Pay attention to the following points when using Handan hp 800 graphite electrode:

(1) When selecting the electrode type and diameter, please refer to the capacity of the electric furnace and the capacity of the equipped transformer.

(2) The hp 800 graphite electrode should be handled gently during loading, unloading and transportation to protect the thread and prevent damage.

(3) The hp 800 graphite electrode should be protected from moisture during transportation and storage, otherwise it should be dried before use.

(4) Before connecting, use compressed air to blow off the dust on the thread of the electrode connector hole, and then tighten the connector and electrode. The tightening force distance should meet the requirements. In order to ensure that the electrodes of different specifications can reach the required tightening force distance when connecting, some electric furnace steel plants have specially produced a tightening wrench. The wrench has a sign showing the tightening torque to ensure correct operation. The holder should be clamped below or above the bottom of the electrode connector hole.

(5) The electrode lifting device of the electric furnace should be flexible and not shake during operation to prevent the electrode from breaking or the joint from loosening.

(6) When entering the furnace, the bulk material should be placed at the bottom to prevent the material from breaking the electrode during melting.

(7) During the refining process, it is not allowed to immerse the electrode in molten steel for carburizing, so as to prevent the electrode from becoming thin, causing the electrode to break or the joint to fall off.

(8) In order to prevent the electrode connector from loosening and tripping, it is recommended to use connector pins.

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