hp graphite electrodes supplier

Pubdate: 08-04 2021

Influence of acceptance of hp graphite electrodes on use effect

hp graphite electrodes supplier

hp graphite electrodes body diameter measurement and the influence of fluctuation on its use

In the industry standard, the diameter of hp graphite electrodes has a relatively wide processing range, and the difference between the maximum diameter and the minimum diameter is 4-6mm. The products in this range are all qualified products, see Table 1.

The diameter of products from different batches and different hp graphite electrodes supplier fluctuates, and the holder needs to be adjusted during use. However, two points need to be noted: one is that the diameter of the same batch of products must be uniform, if the electrode diameter difference is too large, it will affect the controller series adjustment; the second is the electrode used in the submerged arc furnace, whether it is the same batch or different batches, the electrode diameter Large fluctuations are not allowed. This is because of the particularity of submerged arc furnace production. The gripper cannot avoid the unclamped area of the electrode. If the end face is introduced and the holder is just stuck at the connection, the electrode is easily clamped, as shown in Figure 1.

In the actual machining process of hp graphite electrodes supplier, the diameter tolerance of the same batch of products is controlled between 0-0.5mm, the purpose is to ensure the machining accuracy of the threaded holes. Because whether it is an automatic processing line or a manual processing machine, it is necessary to position the outer circle when processing the thread. If the outer circle diameter fluctuates too much, it will cause the hole to be flat, that is, the hole ellipticity is too poor. When the customer has special requirements for the electrode diameter, or the electrode manufacturer must process the basic diameter or the minimum diameter in order to eliminate the black skin, oxidation and other defects on the electrode box, the diameter of the same batch of products must be the same, especially for manual processing machine tools. . The mold must be replaced according to the diameter change, otherwise it is impossible to process qualified threaded holes.

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