Main problems of electrode paste manufacturers

Pubdate: 08-17 2022

The main problem perplexing the electrode paste manufacturers is that the baking speed of the electrode paste is too slow, so some manufacturers adopt the method of reducing the use of asphalt. This method is effective to a certain extent, but the too low asphalt content causes poor fluidity of the electrode paste, and the electrode paste is not easy to be filled in the electrode barrel. The poor compactness after sintering is easy to cause hard fracture.

Another method is to reduce the softening point of the asphalt and improve the electrode sintering speed. However, the softening point of the asphalt can not be reduced without limitation, because the asphalt with too low softening point reduces the coking rate of the asphalt, The strength of the electrode should also be reduced, or the hard break phenomenon should occur. Therefore, in addition to properly mastering the above two methods, the production of electrode paste should also improve the sintering speed of the electrode through the adjustment of the formula.

For example, the graphite raw materials with good conductivity and heat transfer performance should be appropriately added in the formula to increase the conduction heat obtained by the electrode from the furnace, so as to speed up the baking speed. At the same time, try to reduce the consumption of the electrode to reduce the lowering speed of the electrode, so as to match the electrode consumption and baking.

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