regular power graphite

Pubdate: 08-06 2021

A model of regular power graphite EDM

regular power graphite

Copper has been widely used as a regular power graphite material in the EDM of mold factories for a long time. Enterprises only use graphite materials when they produce large regular power graphite and the mold processing requirements are not high or rough machining. A huge misunderstanding! ——(Ulanchabu regular power graphite) Statistics show that the regular power graphite used by more than 90% of mold companies in Europe is graphite.

In China, most mold companies still choose copper, whose performance is far inferior to graphite, as the main regular power graphite material, resulting in huge waste of production capacity and low production efficiency! Based on actual usage, regular power graphite has the following specific advantages in EDM.

(Processed regular power graphite material) Graphite has high-quality characteristics that copper can’t match, and it can be briefly summarized as the following eight points:

1. The processing speed is fast, the roughing speed is 3 times that of copper; the finishing speed is 5 times that of copper.

2. High machinability, can realize many geometric shapes that copper regular power graphite can’t realize.

3. Graphite is light in weight, equivalent to 1/5 of the weight of copper. Regular power graphite is easy to clamp during processing.

4. Reduce the number and cost of a single regular power graphite, graphite can be bundled to make a combined regular power graphite.

5. Graphite has good thermal stability and does not deform. The higher the temperature, the greater the strength.

6. No processing burrs, easy to correct, no hidden corner cleaning problems.

7. The thermal expansion coefficient of graphite material is small, and electrical discharge machining can obtain better machining accuracy than copper regular power graphite.

8. Copper materials are becoming more and more expensive due to non-renewable, and graphite material technology is continuously improved, which is more economical than long-term comparison.

(Comparison of processing speed and loss speed between regular power graphite and copper regular power graphite) In summary, from the comparison of regular power graphite and copper regular power graphite in all aspects, whether it is processing accuracy, physical performance or practicality regular Power graphite is far superior to copper regular power graphite materials, and has obvious advantages. The future development trend of the mold industry is that whoever can complete the mold production in the shortest time will win customers and the market. Ulan Qab regular power graphite company believes that if you own regular power graphite, you will have the future of the mold industry!

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