rp 650 graphite electrode

Pubdate: 08-11 2021

RP 650 graphite electrode performance introduction

rp 650 graphite electrode

Graphite has high high temperature strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, good workability and good thermal and electrical conductivity, so rp 650 graphite electrode is widely used in metallurgy, electric furnace, electric discharge machining and other fields.

In terms of EDM, the development of the new rp 650 graphite electrode material and its processing technology has expanded the application range of EDM and improved its performance. Compared with copper rp 650 graphite electrode, rp 650 graphite electrode has the advantages of low consumption, fast processing speed, good machining performance, high processing accuracy, small thermal deformation, light weight, easy surface treatment, high temperature resistance, and high processing temperature. , Rp 650 graphite electrode can be bonded and other advantages.

Although graphite is a very easy-to-cut material, the graphite material used as the EDMrp 650 graphite electrode must have sufficient strength to avoid damage during operation and EDM processing. At the same time, the shape of the rp 650 graphite electrode (thin wall, small circle) Angle, sharp change) and so on also put forward higher requirements on the grain size and strength of the rp 650 graphite electrode, which causes the graphite workpiece to be easily broken during the machining process, and the tool is easy to wear. Therefore, how to prevent the workpiece from breaking down, improve the surface processing quality, and reduce the cost of processing tools has become an important issue in the processing of rp 650 graphite electrode.

Usually, conventional turning, milling, and grinding methods can meet the needs of processing simple shapes of rp 650 graphite electrode, but in recent years, the requirements for the complexity of the geometric shape of the rp 650 graphite electrode have continued to increase. The high processing surface quality and high processing accuracy of high-speed machining have made the high-speed machining of rp 650 graphite electrode a hot spot in mold EDM machining. Many manufacturers have launched graphite high-speed machining centers. For example, Makino SNC64 CNC high-speed graphite milling machine, R?:ders RFM series machine tools, etc. The spindle speed is usually 10000~60000r/min, the feed speed can reach more than 60m/min, the processing wall thickness is less than 1mm, and the minimum fillet radius is less than 0.2mm.

As the high-speed machining of EDMrp 650 graphite electrode is still a new process, and the machining performance of different graphite materials is also different, there are very few problems in the high-speed machining of rp 650 graphite electrode, such as workpiece breakage, tool wear, and machining strategy. References in the literature. This article introduces the research results of Japan and Germany in the machining of high-performance rp 650 graphite electrode materials, including the basic theories of rp 650 graphite electrode material’s cutting mechanism, cutting temperature, tool wear, chip processing, etc., as well as rp 650 graphite Electrode high-speed machining strategy, machining parameter selection, etc.

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