Silicon-aluminum-iron alloy electrode paste electric arc furnace opens

Pubdate: 12-14 2021

Feeding, power distribution and material level management during the start-up process of the silicon-aluminum-iron alloy electrode paste electric arc furnace


After the electrode paste electric furnace is completed, start to gradually add materials to the furnace. During the opening of the furnace, all activities, whether it is feeding, level management, or power distribution, must be carried out around raising the furnace temperature. For the first feeding, the three electrode columns must be buried, and the feeding amount is large. Therefore, the raw materials are mixed evenly, and the feeding should be evenly thrown around the click. Partial feeding is strictly prohibited. The material level management should be in place in time, and the material should be discharged in time according to the smelting situation. Since the furnace temperature is low when the furnace is turned on, it is most likely to cause three-phase disconnection, which will cause difficulties for the first iron discharge. Therefore, after blanking, sprinkle a layer of blue charcoal or charcoal on the material surface, and then add new material.


Since there are less raw materials in the furnace at the beginning of the furnace, the electrode paste firing electrode is inserted shallowly, and it is difficult to discharge current. Therefore, the principle of power distribution when opening the furnace is to keep the electrode paste electrode as stable as possible. With the increase of raw materials in the furnace, the electrode will rise steadily. When the material level reaches a certain height, the current increases to a certain level, and the furnace temperature also reaches a certain temperature. At this time, there are more and more punctures and collapses, and the electrode paste current Stability will also be greatly reduced. Before the first furnace discharges the iron, power distribution is particularly important. It is strictly forbidden to raise or lower the electrode amplitude, and adjust the voltage appropriately according to the situation, so as to ensure the stability of the electrode paste electrode.

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