Solve the problem of soft electrode breakage when using electrode paste

Pubdate: 12-28 2021

1. Strictly control and master the length of the working end of the electrode, and reasonably control the pressure and release time, so that the pressure and release speed is compatible with the sintering speed. When processing the material surface after every 24 hours, observe the firing of the electrode in order to better control the softness of the electrode. Hard conditions (such as finding that the surface of the lowered electrode is off-white, dark but not red or reddish, indicating that the electrode is well baked; if the surface of the lowered electrode is red, it indicates that the electrode has been overfired; if the surface is black, it indicates that the electrode is under-baked. It is also possible. Poke the electrode with round steel. If it is very hard and rebounds, it means the electrode is over-burned. If it is elastic, it means it is normal. If it is soft, it means the electrode is under-burned. The heating element should be turned on for low-level roasting and the pressure release time should be extended.

2. Strictly control the quality of electrode paste to ensure proper volatile matter, ash and particle size. 3. Strictly control the welding quality of the electrode barrel (no loopholes for trachoma).

3. After the power is cut off, the load should not increase too fast. Observe the change of electrode quality. Increase the load appropriately according to the electrode baking quality. When the electrode quality is found to be soft, the load should be reduced in time (power failure), and the electrode pressure and discharge time should be strictly controlled (not exceeding The maximum pressure and release time of this gear) and pressure and release length (strictly control the electrode pressure and discharge over 20mm).

4. Add electrode paste on time and in amount to maintain the specified height of the paste column. If the operator finds that the paste column has not changed for a long time, organize personnel to smash the paste and smash the overhead paste column firmly. Safe production with good electrode quality.

5. Strictly control the moisture content of the raw materials, which is not easy to be too large, which will burn the insulation.

6. Make the electrode insulation device and sealing device regularly to keep the electrode in good working condition.

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