The difference between electrode paste and airtight paste

Pubdate: 01-14 2022

The so-called airtight paste is only for the type of submerged arc furnace. Submerged arc furnace is divided into closed type, semi-closed type and open type. These different types of submerged arc furnaces use electrode pastes. Because of the different furnace types, over time, the electrode pastes applied to closed submerged arc furnaces are called closed electrode pastes, or closed pastes for short; they are used in open or semi-closed furnaces. The electrode paste on the closed submerged arc furnace is called standard electrode paste or just electrode paste. The airtight paste itself is a kind of electrode paste. Of course, generally speaking, the quality of the sealed electrode paste is one grade higher than that of the ordinary electrode paste. Resistance and ash content should perform better.

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