uhp 500 graphite

Pubdate: 08-23 2021

The impact of the epidemic on uhp 500 graphite: small and medium-sized specifications remain stable, while large-scale specifications are weakly down!

uhp 500 graphite

Small and medium-sized specifications remained stable, while large-scale specifications fell weakly. Affected by poor logistics and transportation, weak downstream demand, and falsely high quotations for small and medium-sized specifications, the uhp 500 graphite market is in a downturn. The raw material reserves of steel mills around New Year’s Day basically maintain a period of 1.5-2 months, and the current inventory is basically at a low level. With the subsequent launch of bidding for steel mills, the uhp 500 graphite market will fluctuate in the short term.

Since last year, the price of uhp 500 graphite has fallen sharply. The profits of uhp 500 graphite manufacturers have deteriorated severely. Some companies have stopped or reduced pressure, and the output of small and medium-sized uhp 500 graphite has decreased. However, both domestic and foreign, the resources of needle coke and petroleum coke are sufficient. The price of uhp 500 graphite at the end of the year has enabled the uhp 500 graphite industry to be maintained. With the dawn of profit or the dawn of sustainability, some uhp 500 graphite that meets the resumption policy Production capacity will be restored soon. The domestic production capacity of uhp 500 graphite has exceeded 2 million tons, and the capacity utilization rate can meet the needs of domestic steel mills and stabilize the export volume of more than 300,000 tons last year.

Under the situation of poor profitability of steel mills and cost reduction, the bullish sentiment of the small and medium-sized high uhp 500 graphite market may calm down and gradually weaken in the short term, and the decline of large-sized high uhp 500 graphite may continue to increase. Also: On the downstream side, Mysteel data is significantly lower than the same period last year. The electric arc furnace plant is already in a state of slight loss, and due to the impact of transportation, the procurement of raw materials is in difficulties. It is difficult to guarantee the start of electric furnace steel in the later period, and it will inevitably be difficult to support the domestic large-scale high uhp 500 graphite market.

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