uhp 650 graphite

Pubdate: 08-24 2021

Properties of uhp 650 graphite

uhp 650 graphite

Uhp 650 graphite is a man-made material with a molecular formula of SiC. Uhp 650 graphite occasionally exists on meteorites and the crust. Uhp 650 graphite has a molecular weight of 40.07 and a density of 3.16~3.2g/cm3. SiC has two crystal forms: α and β. When the temperature is lower than 1600°C, SiC exists in the form of β-SiC, and when the temperature is higher than 1600°C, β-SiC transforms into the form of α-SiC.

Uhp 650 graphite is dominated by covalent bonds, and covalent bonds account for about 88%. The basic structure of the lattice is SiC4 and CSi4 tetrahedrons interspersed with each other. Due to the different stacking order of tetrahedrons, different structures have been formed. So far, hundreds of variants have been discovered, such as 3C-SiC, 4H-SiC, 6H-SiC and other stacking rules.

The chemical stability of uhp 650 graphite is closely related to its oxidation characteristics. uhp 650 graphite itself is easy to oxidize, but after it is oxidized, a silicon dioxide film is formed, and the oxidation process is gradually hindered.

In the air, uhp 650 graphite starts to oxidize at 800°C, but very slowly; as the temperature increases, the oxidation speed increases rapidly. The oxidation rate of uhp 650 graphite is 1.6 times faster in oxygen than in air; the rate of oxidation slows down over time.

Pure uhp 650 graphite is a colorless and transparent crystal. Industrial uhp 650 graphite is available in colorless, light yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue and black. The degree of transparency decreases with increasing color. The abrasive industry divides uhp 650 graphite into black uhp 650 graphite and green uhp 650 graphite according to its color.

The colorless to dark green is classified into the green uhp 650 graphite category, and the light blue to black is classified into the black uhp 650 graphite category. The mechanical properties of the two types of uhp 650 graphite, black and green, are slightly different. The green uhp 650 graphite is more brittle and the abrasive tool made is rich in self-sharpening; the black uhp 650 graphite is tougher, so the two types of uhp 650 graphite are also used for different purposes. Different.

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