uhp graphite electrode 450

Pubdate: 08-26 2021

Application of uhp graphite electrode 450 in metallurgical industry

uhp graphite electrode 450

Application of Datong uhp graphite electrode 450 in metallurgical industry

(1) Ironmaking. Graphite electrode bricks, silicon nitride combined uhp graphite electrode 450 bricks or graphite graphite electrode bricks are used in the hearth, hearth, waist and tuyere areas of the ironmaking blast furnace. The graphite electrode set bricks combined with silicon nitride are used on the tuyere of the blast furnace. Al2O3-SiC-C composite bricks containing uhp graphite electrode 450 and amorphous materials are used in the lining of torpedo tanks and mixing furnaces, as well as in the iron ditch material and tapping mud.

(2) Steelmaking. In terms of steelmaking, graphite electrode is used to make molten steel temperature measuring sleeve, the unburned brick containing uhp graphite electrode 450 is used as the lining of the steel bucket, and the graphite electrode containing graphite electrode is used on the continuous casting long nozzle brick and the overall stopper. Al2O3-SiC-C bricks.

(3) Steel rolling. Corundum uhp graphite electrode 450 slide rail bricks, non-metal ceramic heat exchangers are used on the steel rolling heating furnace, and graphite electrode quality muffle covers are used on the iron scale reduction furnace.

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