uhp graphite electrode rp supplier

Pubdate: 08-30 2021

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uhp graphite electrode rp supplier

Compared with copper, graphite electrode has the advantages of less consumption of graphite electrode, fast electrical discharge machining speed, good machinability, light weight, and small thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, it has gradually replaced copper graphite electrode to become the mainstream of electrical discharge machining graphite electrode. Specifically, graphite has the following advantages over the discharge performance of copper: good mechanical processing performance: cutting resistance is 1/4 of copper, and processing efficiency is 2-3 times that of copper; graphite electrode is easy to polish: graphite electrode has no burrs, Simple surface treatment with sandpaper can avoid shape distortion caused by external force on the shape and size of graphite electrode; graphite electrode consumes little: good conductivity, low resistivity, 1/3~1/5 of copper, and can be used for rough machining Achieve lossless discharge; fast discharge speed of graphite electrode: discharge speed is 1~2 times of copper, rough machining gap can reach 0.5~0.8mm, current can reach 50~100A; light weight: specific gravity is 1.7~1.9, for copper 1/5, for large graphite electrodes, it can greatly reduce the weight of the workpiece, reduce the load of the machine tool and the difficulty of manual adjustment; high temperature resistance: the sublimation temperature is 3650℃, and the graphite electrode does not soften under high temperature conditions to avoid the deformation of thin-walled workpieces; The graphite electrode has small deformation: the coefficient of thermal expansion is less than 6CTEX10-6/℃, which is only 1/4 of that of copper, which improves the dimensional accuracy of the discharge; the design of uhp graphite electrode rp supplier is different: the graphite electrode is easy to clean the corners, and it can be made of multiple The workpiece of the graphite electrode is designed as a complete graphite electrode, which improves the accuracy of the mold and reduces the discharge time. uhp graphite electrode rp supplier

When it was founded, it established the development strategy of “technology, innovation, leading”, adhering to the business philosophy of “quality first, service first”, after technological improvement, quality improvement, and market development, carbon has become the largest in Shanxi, Hebei, and Mongolia. Graphitization processing enterprise. The main business includes graphite electrode and Shijiazhuang graphite electrode.

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