0-5mm graphite petroleum coke

Pubdate: 06-21 2021

In order to maintain a balance between supply and demand of regional resources and achieve the goal of product price stabilization, manufacturers attach great importance to the railway loading and delivery work in the Petroleum Coke plant. After detailed demonstration by the competent authority, actively coordinated promotion and close cooperation with relevant departments, from March On the 16th, the introduction of locomotive power operations will be realized.

The Development Planning Department has strengthened communication with refining and sales to timely implement sales orders and product flow to ensure a smooth future. In addition, we will strengthen liaison with the railway department, by formulating transportation plans in advance, docking the implementation of the number of wagons, and coordinating the balanced arrival of vehicles, so as to do a good job of external coordination for the increase of railway transportation.

After the vehicles enter the factory, with the close cooperation of various departments, the connection of operations such as vehicle cleaning and reinforcement, loading operations, flattening, and locomotive shunting and alignment will be strengthened to shorten the operation time. In addition, the factory will be connected to the Tieshan Port Station in advance for the shunting plan. After the heavy trucks are leveled in the cargo space, the empty trucks will be loaded in time to reduce the waiting time and improve the overall transportation efficiency.

In April, manufacturers produced 182 knots, exceeding 8,000 tons, an increase of 122% year-on-year when no locomotive power was introduced in February, and the railway transportation capacity increased significantly.

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