graphitized petroleum coke (gpc) pricelist

Pubdate: 07-30 2021

Technical transformation of graphitized petroleum coke (gpc)

graphitized petroleum coke (gpc) pricelist

Graphitized petroleum coke (gpc) replaces fuel oil without changing the structure of the glass kiln and carrying out technological transformation without affecting normal production, greatly reducing production costs, and has achieved considerable economic benefits in many glass factories.

Using graphitized petroleum coke (gpc) as raw material, it is crushed and strongly ground to produce powder of a certain specification. The fuel is transported to special combustion through the main storage tank, distribution system, metering control system, and powder delivery system. According to the process conditions and requirements of different industrial kilns, the quantitative fuel is ejected from the burner and burned continuously, uniformly and stably. The high-strength heat generated effectively melts the materials in the kiln, and finally produces a product that meets the quality requirements. Various products.

The technology includes two forms of combustion and delivery: high-pressure system and low-pressure system. Among them, the low-voltage system has low investment, short construction period and quick results, but the control accuracy is relatively poor. The high-pressure system investment is relatively high, the construction period is slightly longer, but the system is complete and the degree of automation is high. The graphitized petroleum coke (gpc) pricelist is different, and users can choose according to their own requirements.

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