graphitized petroleum coke (gpc)

Pubdate: 07-30 2021

Classification and properties of graphitized petroleum coke (gpc)

graphitized petroleum coke (gpc)graphitized petroleum coke (gpc)

Needle coke: It has obvious needle-like structure and fiber texture. It is mainly used as high-power graphite electrode in steelmaking. Needle coke has strict quality index requirements in terms of sulfur content, ash content, volatile content and true density. The MTW European version of Liming Heavy Industry has a professional advantage in the production process of needle coke.

Sponge coke: high chemical reactivity, low impurity content, mainly used in aluminum smelting industry and carbon industry. Shot coke (spherical coke): spherical in shape, 0.6-30mm in diameter, generally produced from high-sulfur, high-asphaltene residues, and can only be used as industrial fuels such as power generation and cement.

Powder coke: It is produced by fluidized coking process, with fine particles (0.1-0.4mm in diameter), high volatile content, and high thermal expansion coefficient, so it cannot be directly used in electrode preparation and carbon industry.

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