uhp graphite electrode price

Pubdate: 08-27 2021

Relying on silicon carbide technology, basic semiconductors help “new infrastructure”

uhp graphite electrode price

The deployment of “new infrastructure” is driving the third-generation semiconductor industry represented by silicon carbide to usher in development dividends. The full current and voltage grade silicon carbide Schottky diodes independently developed by Basic Semiconductor, the domestically produced 1200V silicon carbide MOSFETs that have passed the industrial-grade reliability test, and the automotive-grade full silicon carbide power modules can be used for 5G infrastructure, UHV, New infrastructure projects such as inter-city high-speed rail and inter-city rail transit, new energy vehicle charging piles, big data and industrial Internet provide stable and reliable power electronics solutions.

As a leader in silicon carbide power devices and a governing unit of the 5G Industry Technology Alliance, basic semiconductors have mastered the core technology of silicon carbide, research and development covering the entire industry chain of material preparation, chip design, manufacturing technology, packaging and testing, and drive applications. Through the forward-looking layout of new technologies and new industries, basic semiconductors are taking the lead in actively participating in China’s “new infrastructure” business, escorting the high-quality development of “China’s smart manufacturing”.

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