söderberg elektrode

Pubdate: 08-17 2021

Talking about Söderberg elektrode anti-oxidation coating suitable for graphite crucible?

söderberg elektrodesöderberg elektrode

Talking about Söderberg elektrode anti-oxidation coating suitable for graphite crucible? The oxidation-resistant coating of söderberg elektrode is also suitable for the oxidation resistance of graphite crucibles. After the graphite crucible is impregnated with an anti-oxidation coating, its liquid can penetrate into the pores of the graphite crucible and form an anti-oxidation protective film on the pores and surface of the graphite crucible. It is this protective film that can effectively directly contact the air with the graphite crucible and produce an oxidation reaction. Under high temperature impact, the graphite crucible impregnated with the anti-oxidation coating will not crack and fall off, thereby effectively delaying the oxidation of the graphite crucible and prolonging the service life of the graphite crucible.

The Carbon Factory is located in Linzhang County Industrial Park. It is a professional manufacturer integrating graphite product manufacturing, production and sales, steel and metallurgical material sales, carbon new product development and design. The factory has strong technical force and advanced technology and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. , Products are exported to Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and other countries and regions.

Our company’s main business varieties: (all kinds of special-shaped graphite can be customized according to drawings), söderberg elektrode, graphite broken (powder), graphite block, pyrolytic graphite, graphite anode, graphite block square, graphite crucible, graphite anode sheet, high-power söderberg elektrode, special-shaped graphite and other carbon products. At the same time, the factory acquired the waste söderberg elektrode for a long time. Sincerely cooperate with you! The products adopt national or industry standards and have advanced manufacturing technology. According to the specifications and quality indicators of söderberg elektrode, they can be used in electric arc steelmaking furnaces, submerged arc furnaces, and resistance furnaces. Söderberg elektrode is mainly used in electric furnace steelmaking, but also in the production of industrial silicon, yellow phosphorus, quartz glass, corundum, rare earth and other industries.

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