calcined petroleum coke specification

Pubdate: 06-24 2021

calcined petroleum coke specification

In accordance with the company’s work requirements of “flexibly organize operations and do everything possible to create benefits”, the petrochemical sales center cooperates with other relevant departments to carry out repeated calculations and in-depth optimization. The sales of 3B and 4Acalcined petroleum coke specification are the key work arrangements for profit growth to overcome production and delivery. Difficult to realize the first shipment of more than 10,000 tons of calcined petroleum coke with multiple varieties.

The center overcomes the difficulties of hot weather, less vehicle sources, and low loading efficiency by closely contacting the sources of vehicles and inserting targets at the seams. The center quickly emptied the coke pool of the No. 1 coking unit, and at the same time cooperated with the company to separate the new calcined petroleum coke specification. And fashion transport. In June, the company shipped 4Acalcined petroleum coke specification 152 trucks and 3Bcalcined petroleum coke specification 20 trucks, totaling more than 10,200 tons, creating a precedent for the export of petrochemical multi-variety calcined petroleum coke specification, and realizing the company’s multi-variety calcined petroleum coke specification export loading. The breakthrough has laid a solid foundation for the company’s next low-sulfur coke production and export.

To Since the beginning of this year, the Refining and Chemical Planning Division has been profit-oriented, guided production by sales, controlled the sulfur content of crude oil from the source, and adopted measures to produce high-grade 3Bcalcined petroleum coke specification, reduce the output of 4Acalcined petroleum coke specification, and greatly improve efficiency. In the first quarter of this year, the company achieved an increase of nearly 6 million yuan in sales revenue of calcined petroleum coke specification by optimizing its product structure.

Although the added value of the calculated petroleum coke specification is not high, the company believes that every product must strive to maximize the benefits. Therefore, the company’s planning operations department follows the market and conducts comprehensive calculations on the benefits of the calculated petroleum coke specification. In view of the fact that the price of 3Bcalcined petroleum coke specification is higher than that of 4Acalcined petroleum coke specification, adjust 3B without increasing the total production of calculated petroleum coke specification. And 4A production ratio. They cooperated with the Production Technology Department to optimize the product structure and adjust the 3Bcalcined petroleum coke specification plan for production based on the quality of incoming crude oil and the load of the existing equipment. At the same time, the coking unit is required to increase the severity of the coking index, thus ensuring the stable and high production of the 3Bcalcined petroleum coke specification.

In the first quarter of this year, the company’s 3Bcalcined petroleum coke specification shipments increased by more than 30,000 tons compared with the same period last year. The 4Acalcined petroleum coke specification shipments were only one-sixth of last year, achieving high quality and high prices, which greatly increased benefits.

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