Physical and chemical properties of expanded graphite

Pubdate: 09-11 2022

Expanded graphite is a product of deep processing of graphite. Expanded graphite can be used to produce packing rings, various types of gaskets, and can also be directly pasted on various metal surfaces to effectively solve gas-phase sealing.

Expanded graphite has good corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good compression resilience and high strength. Expanded graphite is very easy to adsorb oil, organic molecules and hydrophobic substances. After oil absorption, it floats on the water surface, which is easy to catch and recover. It can be reused and processed easily.

Expanded graphite gasket can be widely used for static sealing of pipeline, valve, pump, pressure vessel, tower, heat exchanger, condenser, etc. It has good expansibility, high temperature resistance, heat insulation, lubricity and chemical stability.

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