carbon additive raiser

Pubdate: 06-24 2021

Crude oil production in Libya and Nigeria showed signs of growth, the market’s worries about oversupply recurred, and international oil prices continued to fall. WTI 43.23 fell 0.97 Brent 46.02 fell 0.89 US dollars. As of June 20, the comprehensive rate of change in crude oil is -6.32%, which is expected to correspond to a reduction of 220 yuan/ton. A new round of refined oil price adjustment window will be opened at 24:00 on June 23.

carbon additive raiser market analysis:

The main units of carbon additive raiser were mixed, and the market shipments were good. The price reduction of the local refinery gradually slowed down, mainly concentrated in the small adjustment of individual refinery prices, and the overall market remained stable for the time being. The price of downstream aluminum market continues to rise, which is a positive support for the carbon additive raiser market. The scorched market has good shipments and market transactions are fair.

The reporter expects that in the short term, the carbon additive raiser market may remain stable for the time being, and the prices of individual refineries will adjust slightly.

To Before the holiday, the overall domestic carbon additive raiser market showed a weak consolidation trend. Most of the main refineries focused on stability, while some local refineries fell weakly, mostly focusing on peaceful shipments. The downstream aluminum market was affected by turbulence, carbon companies mostly held a wait-and-see state, downstream demand was flat, and market transactions were average.

To Recently, the first domestic carbon additive raiser trading platform “” was launched in Weifang. “Jiaoyiwang” is the first raw material carbon additive raiser vertical e-commerce trading platform in the domestic carbon industry. It is hosted by Weifang Lianxing New Material Technology Co., Ltd., which solves the frequent changes and prices of raw materials in the carbon additive raiser industry chain. Frequent changes, complex offline transactions, difficulty in financing, and difficulty in bulk transportation, and provide upstream and downstream companies in the carbon industry with one-stop full-industry chain services of information flow, business flow, capital flow and distribution logistics.

“” will also establish information exchange, data sharing and data mining technologies for upstream and downstream related companies in the entire carbon industry, and realize the cross-border transfer of carbon additive raiser resources through cross-border e-commerce, and optimize the global carbon additive raiser resource allocation. Maximize the economic benefits of carbon additive raiser at both ends of supply and demand.

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