Effect of anthracite carburizer on melting

Pubdate: 09-14 2022

The same chemical composition uses different melting processes, different compositions and proportions, the metallurgical quality of molten iron is completely different, and good carburization effect is obtained. The electric furnace uses carbon enhancement technology, and the anthracite carburizer has three main effects on melting.

1、 The hot metal carbonization technology can increase the graphite crystal nucleus in the smelting process, especially in the electric furnace smelting process. The addition of cupola in the iron carbide smelting process can increase the long-term nucleation of graphite solution and reduce the oxidation of hot metal.

2、 Increasing carbon emissions is the best measure to prevent or reduce the shrinkage trend of enterprises. Due to the role of graphite in the solidification process of expanded molten iron, good graphitization tends to reduce the shrinkage of molten iron.

3、 Under the condition of high carbon content, in order to obtain high-strength gray iron castings, the smelting process can adopt the all scrap steel and carburizing agent process, so that the molten iron is simpler and purer, and the casting structure material has high performance.

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