calcined pitch coke

Pubdate: 06-24 2021

Review of the domestic calcined pitch coke market yesterday

Yesterday, the domestic calcined pitch coke market traded sideways, and the main refineries remained stable. The price of calcined pitch coke remained unchanged. The decline of local refineries was temporarily suspended. Only sporadic manufacturers slightly lowered their coke prices. Inventory pressure in the downstream aluminum spot market is increasing sharply. After the previous period of continuous rise, aluminum prices have once again fallen into the shock range. It is expected that the calcined pitch coke market will continue to stabilize and consolidate in recent days.

Mainstream local refining prices: low-sulfur coke mainstream transactions are 1800-1900 yuan/ton; medium-sulfur coke mainstream transactions are 1,400-1850 yuan/ton; local sulphur coke mainstream transactions are 1,000-1250 yuan/ton.

To Two trucks of imported non-calcined pitch coke successfully cleared customs at the Suifenhe Railway Port in Heilongjiang. It is reported that this batch of calcined pitch coke weighs 224.5 tons and is valued at 33,700 US dollars. This is also the first time that the port has imported calcined pitch coke.

calcined pitch coke is a kind of coke produced by coking petroleum. It can be used as industrial fuel and is widely used in graphite manufacturing, smelting and chemical industries. It is reported that all imported calcined pitch coke comes from Russia, with a calorific value of 7000 kcal to 8000 kcal, and they are mainly sent to Panjin, Liaoning. According to the enterprise contract, the Chinese enterprise will continue to import through the port.

In response to the special situation of the first import of calcined pitch coke at Suifenhe Port, Heilongjiang Suifenhe Inspection and Quarantine Bureau strictly checked relevant information in accordance with relevant Chinese regulations, increased publicity and guidance, urged enterprises to fulfill their main responsibility for environmental protection, strengthened monitoring of indicators such as sulfur and ash, and put an end to inferior quality The import and use of calcined pitch coke prevents unqualified calcined pitch coke from outside the country.

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