graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer

Pubdate: 07-30 2021

Graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer for UHV transmission projects

graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer

According to the distance of power transmission, different high voltages are used. Judging from the current power situation in my country, 220 kV is used when the transmission distance is 200 to 300 kilometers; 110 kV is used when it is about 100 kilometers; 35 kV is used when it is about 50 kilometers; and it is 15 kilometers to 20. 10 kilovolts are used for kilometers, and some use 6600 volts. Lines with a transmission voltage above 110 kV are called ultra-high voltage transmission lines. When transmitting electricity over long distances, my country still has 500 kV ultra-high voltage transmission lines.

Power P=IU, I is the current, and U is the voltage. It can be seen that when the transmission power is determined, increasing the transmission voltage can reduce the current, and the energy lost during transmission is mainly caused by the heating of the wire, the heat generation Q=IR*R, R is the resistance of the wire, so the lower the current, the smaller the energy loss due to heating, so high-voltage power transmission can reduce consumption

The graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer can be used in graphite production, smelting and chemical industries depending on its quality.

Low-sulfur, good cooked coke, such as needle coke, is mainly used to manufacture ultra-high power graphite electrodes and some special carbon products; needle coke is an important material for the development of new electric furnace steelmaking technology in the steelmaking industry. Used extensively in aluminum smelting. High-sulfur, ordinary green coke is used in chemical production, such as the manufacture of calcium carbide, silicon carbide, etc., and also as a fuel for metal casting. Most of the graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer produced in China is low-sulfur coke, which is mainly used for aluminum smelting and graphite manufacturing.

Graphite electrodes are also mainly used to make carbon products, such as graphite electrodes, anode arcs, and are used for steelmaking, non-ferrous metals, and aluminum smelting.

Graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer (PETroleum coke) is a product that crude oil is distilled to separate light and heavy oils, and then the heavy oils are converted into products through thermal cracking.

From the appearance of graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer, the coke is irregularly shaped, black lumps (or particles) of different sizes, with metallic luster, and the coke particles have a porous structure. The main element is carbon, occupying 80wt** *(WT is the English abbreviation of Weight, which means weight percentage. 5WT*** is equivalent to more than 50000PPM (PPM is in millions), and the rest are hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and metal elements.

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